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2012 FISKER KARMA EcoSport

54,400 miles

2012 Fisker Karma in Laguna over Black Sand Monotone
  • Exterior Color Laguna
  • Interior Color Black Sand Monotone
  • Interior Trim Sunken White Oak

Seller Description

Rarest Fisker Karma, only 44 Laguna Blue exist in the world!
MSRP when new $115,000

If you enjoy standing out and being different this is your ride!

WARNING - This is a head turner and an attention getter! Every time I drive the car people take pictures, they point, they do sharp head turns. I actually wonder how many times my car has been posted on social media. Most of the time I notice the people behind me recording or snapping pictures of the car. A lot are trying to read the badges, what is that car, you can actually read their lips and see them Googling the car. I get people wanting to talk to me about what kind of car it is or they make nice comments about the car. Others just point and smile, it brings happiness to the road, LOL.

I live in Marietta, just NW of Atlanta.  This has been the best car I have owned.  I haven't had any trouble and it's just the most gorgeous thing on the road. It had ~32K miles on it when I got it in spring 2016 and now it has ~52k miles on.  I bought the car in San Jose and had it shipped here. I would say easily 80% of those miles are all EV miles on the battery.  That's roughly ~11K miles on the gas engine, Fisker owners refer to the engine as an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). The engine is nothing more than a generator for the electric motors (no transmission).

I have a level 2 charger and I also charge around town, some stations are free others are .85 to $1 an hour. You can use ChargePoint, Blink, PlugShare, or a handful of other Apps to find EV charging stations. It has a few marks on the front fascia, but you won't find another one like this. Everybody loves talking about it.  I actually went to test drive a Model X and all the Tesla people wanted to do was look at and talk about was my Fisker!

I've customized some of the stock features.  I replaced all the interior lights with Blue LEDs...real cool feature when you get in at night.  I powder coated the wheels Graphite last week, they are brand new!  The wheels are 22" the largest stock wheels on a production car.  My Credit Union sold me a warranty when I purchased it, so if your CU or bank doesn't offer that I am happy to give you my CU info if you are interested in that.

Fun Facts about the 2012 Fisker Karma, roughly 2699 where made and all are 2012 models:
488 Eclipse Black
464 Silver Wind
451 Shadow Gray
383 Deep Ocean
332 White Sand
261 Earth
145 Inferno
100 Silver Mirage (the first 100 made)
75 (44) Laguna Blue (Most Rare color of all) out of the 75 Laguna's 31 were lost in Hurricane Sandy leaving only 44 in the world!
Of the 44 left not all of them have my interior color, making it even more Rare!  Fisker had some unique interiors. Some interiors were a mix of suede and vegan leather.  That is what I have.  It's really cool...look at the interior pics you'll notice part of every seat has suede and leather.  The center console is suede and the dash is leather with suede accents.  The wood is reclaimed from fallen trees too.  Eco-friendly car for sure.

OPTIONS (some):
• Solar panel sunroof
• Vegan Leather & Suede
• 4 seat with full center console end to end
• 22" Wheels staggered P285/35 Rear P255/35 Front (I have used 265/35)
• Heated Front and Rear Seats
• Dual zone climate control
• Heated mirrors
• Parking assist
• Bluetooth
• 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 plus dual electric traction motors
• 403 horsepower (combined)
• 959 lb-ft of torque (combined)

Remember roughly 2,699 were made. Take the last four of the VIN and that tells you what order yours was built. Mine is 2655, one of the later models produced and these had the kinks worked out and are considered more reliable. I am the 3rd owner. I know it was serviced at Pat's Garage in San Francisco before I bought it and Classic Cadillac services for me in Atlanta. I have had the car updated to 535 the latest code for almost 2 years. I love the car and part of me does not want to sell is such a beautiful car.
I just had the tires replaced with A/S. I like the A/S better than the summer performance tires, but you can decide for yourself.

What is a Fisker Karma?
It was made in 2012 only, by Henrik Fisker, Fisker Inc. The company was based in Southern California and the cars were produced in Finland. It is a Plug-in Hybrid with 50 EV miles and 250 miles on a full tank of gas.

Can you get them serviced today?
Yes, you can get it serviced here locally at Classic Cadillac of Roswell. There are also many other dealers authorized to service them in the US and around the globe. There is a dedicated user forum for the car with a lot of helpful people ready to answer all of your questions and give advice as well.

How long does it take to charge?
From 0 to 50 EV miles it will take just over 5 hours on 240V and a min of 18amps (most 240V is 30-48 Amps). With 110V, your standard household outlet it takes 10-12 hours.

Is that solar panel roof?
Yes, and it is an extremely cool feature.

What is MPG Hwy/City?
The EPA has it at 55/54 MPG. I can tell you if you keep your trips under 50 miles I have had the computer read I was doing 409 MPG! I went 9 months without having to get a tank of gas. If you run it on gas you'll get about 19 MPG. I run on EV so I am usually in the 400+ range.

Is this related to the Karma Revero?
Yes, it's almost the same car except the Revero is $130K+ and this is not six figures. Fisker Inc went bankrupt (it's now back), but it sold the Karma to Wanxiang Motors and they spun off the Karma brand in LA.

Why buy this Karma?    It’s rare, it’s one of the latest models produced making it reliable.  I know this car and have detailed it and taken care of it.  I had the Tanaka airbag replaced.  I’ve had the car updated and can tell you about the other versions, meaning a dealer won’t know anything about the car, the history of Fisker, what to look out for, issues if you don’t know what you are doing, and did I mention it’s super rare!  Be aware of what Fisker you are buying because it matters.  More miles means the care is reliable, maintained and updated.  Other cars with lower miles you must do your homework.  Please understand what you are buying and educate yourself.  I am happy to give you advice.


Marietta, GA

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