If you have had success finding or selling a Fisker Karma and would like to leave a small finders or sellers fee, of course we'll accept it, but do not feel in any way obligated. We love what we do!

This chart plots the currently listed Fisker Karma's list prices against their mileage. The theory is that if you buy a coupe charted below the trendline, you're getting a good deal. There are many other factors at play in the prices though. The prices also generally follow a curve with mileage decreasing the price less and less as it increases.

Listing ID: 17537 - 16845 Miles, $38000 Listing ID: 19279 - 8172 Miles, $42900 Listing ID: 12175 - 3325 Miles, $89500


Fisker Karma Sales

These charts plot the recently sold Fisker Karma's known sale prices against their mileage. If you have recently purchased a car and would like to contribute your sales price to increase the accuracy of my data, please email me at

Listing ID: 21483 - 45000 Miles, $22500 Listing ID: 21391 - 25000 Miles, $29400 Listing ID: 21157 - 2000 Miles, $48825





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